Tips and Resources

Non-residential buildings come in many varieties, including office buildings, restaurants, schools, and other commercial spaces. The following are tips and resources to help facility managers and building occupants reduce their energy use and save money in the process. Looking for more energy saving tips? We also have tips specific to restaurants, congregations, convenience stores, and offices.

Make energy savings a priority Make energy savings a priority

Pick a dedicated time to focus on energy use and identify potential energy saving measures. We recognize that building managers have many competing obligations, but energy efficiency measures can go straight to the bottom line.

Conduct a nighttime audit Conduct a nighttime audit

You can root out unnecessary sources of energy use by conducting a nighttime inspection.

Upgrade your lighting Upgrade your lighting

Implement a regular lighting maintenance program and phase in high efficiency lighting. Also, remove unnecessary lamps in areas that are over-lit and increase reliance on natural daylight.

Activate sleep mode Activate sleep mode

Activate sleep settings on all printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and multifunction devices so that they automatically enter a low-powered sleep mode when inactive.

Set back thermostats Set back thermostats

Set back the thermostat in the evenings and other times when the building is not in use.

Make sure that HVAC systems can operate in top form Make sure that HVAC systems can operate in top form

Change or clean HVAC filters every month during peak cooling or heating season. Dirty filters overwork the equipment and reduce air quality. Also, make sure that areas in front of vents are clear of furniture and paper to improve efficiency.

Engage employees and tenants to save energy Engage employees and tenants to save energy

This is one of the biggest challenges for building owners. Occupants will often control the majority of energy use in a building. Education and engagement can forge partnerships between building owners and tenants to save energy and reduce emissions.

Recognize energy savers and climate change fighters Recognize energy savers and climate change fighters

Consider offering awards or prizes for energy saving ideas or recognize the contributions of your energy champions.