The COVID-19 epidemic is having a significant effect on our lives in DC and across the nation. As we stay at home for our collective safety, we are using more electricity to power our work, school and daily activities. This increased energy usage may not only be impacting your bills, but also contributing to climate change. We can all take simple steps, today and every day, to do good for both our wallets and the environment.

  • Goal: 3,000 Signups

    Thank You for Taking the Pledge

    To all of the DC residents who took the pledge to reduce their energy use – THANK YOU! Thank you for participating and thank you for your commitment to save more than money. The pledge period is now closed but we will be announcing the Grand Prize and Social Activator drawing winners in early August.

    Congratulations to the Grand Prize drawing winners across all eight wards!

    Important to Note

    Three founding organizations the District Department of Energy and Environment, Pepco, and the DC Sustainable Energy Utility are working with numerous partner organizations and advisory organizations to execute Reduce Energy Use DC. Pepco will utilize the provided name, address, phone number, and email address to confirm you are a DC resident. Winners of the random drawings will have a $300 credit applied to their Pepco bill. If not a Pepco customer, winners can give the “Gift of Energy” and assign the $300 credit to a relative or friend or donate the $300 to a nonprofit of their choice. Your completion of the pledge will constitute your consent to receive Weekly Usage Reports beginning in July, if you’re a Pepco customer, and other Reduce Energy Use DC related emails.

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    Become a social activator! Follow us on social media at @ReduceEnergyDC and share pictures and videos of how you’re saving energy. The person with the most recruits will receive a prize!

    Top Recruiters

    Alessandra Carozza 1
    36 recruited signups
    Chris Taylor 2
    6 recruited signups
    Brian Cutter 3
    5 recruited signups
    Melissa Lavinson 4
    5 recruited signups
    Sharon R Goods 5
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