Winner Profile: Quinton

Quinton, Ward 8 Resident

Our first random drawing winner, Quinton from Ward 8, talks about taking the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge!

Why did you take the pledge to reduce energy use?
I’m a supervisor at Pepco and my colleagues pointed out the program to me. They live in Maryland, but I live in DC, so I inquired if employees were eligible – and we are! I decided to sign up and share to Facebook, and joked to my friends, “I’ll let you know when I win.” Then I actually did!

Before taking the pledge, I looked at all my bills and expenses, and realized the older you get the more you focus on those things. I kept looking around my home and thought, “I’m not using this, why is it plugged in all the time?” I also signed up as an effort to save money for a home that I am trying to purchase in the future.

Why is it important to reduce energy use?
At some point, we will run out of water, so I thought, “If we’re concerned about that, you never know when energy could run out.” If I can help and do my part to not contribute to those resources running out, I will. My future grandchildren will be here – and I want to leave them something to live in.

How are you reducing your energy use?
I’ve done so much since taking the pledge! I purposefully went through and evaluated what I had plugged in throughout my home, then I removed chargers, plug-in scents, and small appliances in spaces I wasn’t using. Normally in the summer, I keep my thermostat at 65°; but in the interim and while I’m renting, I recently purchased some small window fans so that I won’t need the air on.

I also changed some ceiling fan fixtures and realized I don’t need the air running all the time. I’ve also decided that I won’t use the oven when it’s really hot – I’ll use stove or microwave. I wash all clothes, except my white clothes, in cold water and I’ve also reduced the length of time I wash them. I hang dry my clothes, cleaned out my fridge and freezer to let them “breathe,” and decided to replace lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones when they burn out. I have realized that a lot of changes can help along the way.

What are your favorite green space and green initiatives in DC?
Although I have outdoor allergies, I enjoy going to the Tidal Basin and Rock Creek Park to ride my bike, enjoy the trees and the breeze. I previously worked at Verizon, who replaced some of their parking spaces with solar panels, which I thought was fantastic.

Who do you challenge to take the Reduce Energy Use DC Pledge?
I challenge my cousin, Denise Oliver, who also lives in the city. And my friends James, Steven, and Monique – who just bought a house.

Anything else to add?
I think Reduce Energy Use DC is a cool program, and I’ll echo my coworkers, who wish Maryland had a similar program.