Winner Profile: Ann

Ann, Ward 6 resident

One of our August random drawing winners, Ann from Ward 6, talks about taking the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge!

Why did you take the pledge to reduce energy use?
I am very conscious of the extraordinary challenges that we face now as a nation when it comes to energy and how cavalier we are about the little things that add up to big things that will affect future generations.

How are you reducing your energy use?
Most of what I do is the little things such as LED bulbs in all the fixtures and trying to not leave the lights on when not in use, making sure that there are full loads of dishes and laundry, etc.

What are your favorite green space and green initiatives in DC?
I love the Mall which may not seem to be the traditional greenspace, but the planning has embraced tree lined streets and space that make it feel lush and comfortable.

Have you ever won anything before?
A turtle when I was 10.