Winner Profile: Jennifer

Jennifer, Ward 1 Resident 

One of our August random drawing winners, Jennifer from Ward 1, talks about taking the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge!

Why did you take the pledge to reduce energy use?
I have a background in Urban Planning and work in the field of Public Transit Planning, so taking care of our environment has always been very important to me. Participating in the pledge was a no-brainer. I can’t expect other people to do their part if I’m not doing mine.

Why is it important to reduce energy use?
My question is, “why isn’t it important?” The negative impacts of climate change affect each and every one of us daily, however, climate change disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable populations. If you care about equity and equality, you better care about the environment, too!

How are you reducing your energy use?
I currently live car-free and travel by bike, foot, and transit! I have also started composting, which I enjoy much more than I would’ve thought – and it's so easy! Note – when I say I “compost,” I just mean that I drop off at my local farmers market, no bugs required :)

What are your favorite green spaces and green initiatives in DC?
I’m a huge fan of the Capital Crescent and C&O Towpath. Both are within the city limits, but feel like a complete escape from my Urban lifestyle.

Who do you challenge to take the Reduce Energy Use DC Pledge?
I challenge each person reading this to consider how you can reduce your energy consumption, and then actually do something about it! We’re all in this together and our planet needs us.

Have you ever won anything before?
Not recently!