Winner Profile: Beth


Beth, Ward 6 Resident

“I think it’s important for everyone to do their part to help conserve the planet’s energy resources.” – Beth

Beth is a D.C. resident living in Ward 6. She decided to take the Pledge and participate in the Reduce Energy Use DC initiative because she believes that any small action can contribute to the bigger picture of reducing energy. “I wanted to be a good neighbor and help take care of this earth,” Beth said. Reducing the amount of energy Beth and her family uses can go a long way.

One change Beth and her family are making to reduce their energy use are by creating basic daily habits. Many don’t realize how much energy you can use by simply leaving the lights on in an unoccupied room, so Beth is pushing to make turning off lights and installing energy efficient lightbulbs a habit. She has also installed smart thermostats to continue practicing reducing energy use in their home.

Many people have a favorite outdoor space that they love to visit. In this case, Beth’s favorite natural space in D.C. is The Arboretum. When the space opens, Beth and her family go to bike and hike. When the season’s change, Beth’s family also goes to view the different flowers that The Arboretum produces each time of year. “We absolutely love it,” says Beth.

Beth Chapman challenges Liz and Brendan English, and Taylor and Ben Irwin to take on the Reduce Energy Use DC Pledge.