July Take Action Period - Week 1

This month is Reduce Energy Use DC’s Take Action Period and we encourage you to join us in cutting back on energy use. Did you know that nine years within the last decade, July was the month where the District of Columbia used the most energy? We know that saving energy may be a little tricky with July being one of the hottest months, but we’ve got quick actionable tips each week for you to try all month long. 

This week, we are focusing on creating an energy plan to use as a guide and set goals for the rest of the month. You can start by logging into My Account to see your energy usage over time. How does your July 2019 usage compare to the average? In July 2019, the average energy bill per household was $99.48.

Now that you have an idea of how much energy your household uses, look at how you can cut back on temperature, water, lighting, and appliances. Talk to others in your household to make sure everyone agrees on energy saving measures. Below is a preview of the weeks ahead.