Today is Energy Efficiency Day in the District of Columbia

A nationwide effort helped establish the first Wednesday in October as Energy Efficiency Day. Both the Council of the District of Columbia and Mayor Muriel Bowser have recognized October 7th as Energy Efficiency Day of 2020 through a ceremonial resolution and a mayoral proclamation. We share this day with pride knowing that you took action this year by saving energy to help fight climate change.

Over the next 5 days, the Reduce Energy Use DC initiative will be sharing the great things DC is doing when it comes to energy efficiency, and what you can do too! Follow @ReduceEnergyDC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We hope that you use today to share with others the actions you took to save energy and encourage them to join your efforts to fight climate change. Though we recognize Energy Efficiency Day today, we hope that you continue to save energy year-round.

Thank you for making this Energy Efficiency Day special.